Friday, September 14, 2007

Quest to Conceive Again After a Miscarriage

After our wedding, my husband and I decided to have a fertility work-up to be able to conceive immediately after the miscarriage.

We consulted a fertility OB and she prescribed duphaston, provera, pregnyl to help me conceive. My husband and I tried to time our intercourse during my fertile days. I had follicle monitoring every month as well as during my periods.

What was surprising was she never requested for a sperm analysis for my husband. She just kept on prescribing medicines and this went on for 7 months.

After that nothing happened, I felt that my husband and I should try conceiving on our own without medicines since I easily got pregnant before. After a year of trying on our own to no avail, I found out that I had hyperthyroidism. Its was the cystic type and doctors recommended to have it surgically removed.

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