Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Detox Effects on My Body

The bathroom became my best friend after taking all the medicines prescribed by my homeopathic doctor. I really felt that was releasing all the toxins accumulated for the past 33 years.

I was consuming about 2 liters of water everyday. One liter the one with all the medicines for my detox and the other one is plain water. I frequently urinated as in about every 30 minutes interval. Then my bowel movement significantly increased as well.

On our next visit, which was two weeks after our doctor wanted to know in detail what where the changes in our body that we noticed. I mentioned the frequent urination and bowel movement. She said this was good because this means our toxins were mostly coming from the gut and the lungs. She then prescribed me the homeopathic substitute for my thyroid. By the way unlike the usual OB's I've encountered, she never did a transvaginal ultrasound for the past two consultations.

She also recommended for me to take ultimated antioxidant and bufferred C as supplements. Aside from that, we will still continue with our detox drink.

We are also scheduled for a lymphatic drainage therapy (LDT) which is being done by her partner who is also an accredited doctor who can do this treatment. LDT is a deeper form of detoxification. I'll try to look for another site that will further explain this.


Dr Prabhat Tandon said...

wishing you good luck for your journey !!

just another wife said...

good luck to both of us!

Anonymous said...

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