Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lymph Drainage Theraphy (LDT)

It took 5 months before my husband and I were accommodated by our other doctor (partner of our homeopathic doctor) for our lymph drainage theraphy because her schedules are full since she also administers cranio sacral theraphy (CST).

Before undergoing LDT, we were required to drink a lot to ensure that we were hydrated (water and fresh juices only), schedule to take a leave or make sure that you stay at home after the theraphy, and eat a light before the theraphy.
We were recommended to undergo this theraphy to detoxify our body, stimulation of our immune sytem (due to our reproductive immunology problems), fertility and regeneration of tissues especially for me since I have undergone surgeries. This goes hand in hand with our homeopathic treatment.

The initial theraphy will be done in 4 sessions and were scheduled Tuesday and Thursday for 2 weeks (an ahour each for me and my husband). The rationale behind the intervals is to determine what kind of reaction/effect/changes in your body after each session.

What is lymph drainage theraphy?

"The proper functioning of the lymphatic system is critical to our body's ability to operate at peak performance. This system drains fluids, detoxifies and regenerates tissues, filters out toxins and foreign substances and helps us maintain a healthy immune system. If lymph circulation stagnates however, toxins accumulate and compromise cellular functioning, which opens the way to physical ailments." (Source:

It involves a very light touch, lighter than a regular massage from the head to to toe and front and back of the body.

For my first session, the doctor tried to determine which part was blocked in my system. She said that my liver, kidneys, thyroid, and left ovaries were blocked. My thyroid blockage was a result of my two operations. Liver and kidneys were blocked due to the toxins/chemicals in my body, meaning these were the toxins coming from the unhealthy lifestyle (drinking/eating) for the past 30+ years.

One thing that really surprised me was the blockage at my left ovaries. When I was a kid, my immunization/vaccinations shots were in my left upper thigh that was very near to one of the major lymph node/vessel located in the inner left thigh. All the metals from those vaccinations were stored thus creating the blockage in that area as well as my ovary.

During the session, the doctor noticed that I also had a curvature in my spine (slight scoliosis) that was causing my back pains previously. She said she'll do a cranio sacral theraphy (CST) to correct the scoliosis.

By the way aside from physical release, LDT also touches on the emotional/mental release of the person. This means that if you are also suffering from emotional depression/sadness/problems LDT is interrelated with this. So, all kinds of release will be expected after the sessions.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Balanced PH or Acidity Affects Fertility

In homeopathy, treatment is very personal. Meaning that treatment is tailor fitted to the individual based on personal background, medical history and findings.

On top of our medicines, one of our (my husband and I) common treatment this time was Alkala Powder. This was the first time I heard that both of us should have the right acidity level because this also affects our ability to conceive. Our doctor further explained that if I was too acidic then this would most likely kill the sperm entering my body while if my husband is too acidic, most likely his sperm is also of poor quality thus resulting to the inability to conceive.

Hmm, I am really learning a lot from our doctor. All the more that I am convinced that we took the right path and I am very much happy with our decision.

Anyway, so the Alkala Powder was to be taken twice a day together with notakehl (just for 10 days). Then we should test our ph level using the strip first thing in the morning and before sleeping.

She also prescribe oral micronized progesterone to be taken day 13 to 25 of my cycle. I'm suppose to take this for 3 months.

Oh, I forgot to mention. During the balancing of our ph levels, we could not eat anything fresh. So no fresh fruit, vegetable, sushi and sashimi. I think this was because she's preventing us from getting bacteria or something as this affects our treatment.

This was the hardest part since I love fresh fruits and vegetables :(

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Detox Effects on My Body

The bathroom became my best friend after taking all the medicines prescribed by my homeopathic doctor. I really felt that was releasing all the toxins accumulated for the past 33 years.

I was consuming about 2 liters of water everyday. One liter the one with all the medicines for my detox and the other one is plain water. I frequently urinated as in about every 30 minutes interval. Then my bowel movement significantly increased as well.

On our next visit, which was two weeks after our doctor wanted to know in detail what where the changes in our body that we noticed. I mentioned the frequent urination and bowel movement. She said this was good because this means our toxins were mostly coming from the gut and the lungs. She then prescribed me the homeopathic substitute for my thyroid. By the way unlike the usual OB's I've encountered, she never did a transvaginal ultrasound for the past two consultations.

She also recommended for me to take ultimated antioxidant and bufferred C as supplements. Aside from that, we will still continue with our detox drink.

We are also scheduled for a lymphatic drainage therapy (LDT) which is being done by her partner who is also an accredited doctor who can do this treatment. LDT is a deeper form of detoxification. I'll try to look for another site that will further explain this.

Monday, September 24, 2007

First Appointment w/ Our Homeopathic Doctor

It was the first time that we had a consultation with a doctor that took 2 hours. She started off with a long questionnaire that both hubby and I should fill up indivifually.

Everything that you can think of was there especially the medical background that included mine and my parents. I had to indicate if my parents went through any operation, hospitalization, etc. I found it kinda weird because I was thinking what's the connection in our desire to conceive again.

During the consultation, she was telling me that in homeopathy we don't just deal with the physical state but also the emotional/psychological health of the person. She asked me on how describe myself, what do I like doing, what kind of work I was involved in, etc.

An hour later during our consultation, she asked me how did you feel and how are you feeling now after the miscarriage? I felt that I have moved on and that I was completely over it (3 years after the miscarriage. But when I was about to answer her, I felt myself choking up and being teary eyed. I told her how devastated I was and that I was really looking forward to having a baby then. I said there were times that I'd still remember the baby and I'd really cry when I remember. She asked me, do you talk to your baby? Are you really at peace with your baby?

I asked why, she said that even though we may appear that we have healed physically. Our body can still sense the trauma, sadness and apprehensions that we feel. It could sense whether we are ready or not. She asked me I was ready to conceive again and I immediately said yes. The doctor said that I have to make sure that I have healed completely.

After that, it was my husbands turn. She also asked the same thing as well as how he felt when we lost the baby. He also shared his feeling but I guess as typical guys would do, he sounded and felt like he was healed already.

From there, she recommended that we have our usual blood test (CBC/LDL, etc. analysis), sperm analysis for hubby. She also requested that we remove pork in our diet because pork is like the human body that its so alike that the tendency is for our body to retail thus causing our increased in weight. She also prescribed nux vomica, gallium heel, berberis, and lymphonuosat for our detox treatment. We took this with 1 liter of mineral water everyday. Then she prescribed bronchalis heel for our lungs since we both smoke. Another medicine, strumeel to complement my conventional/synthetic medicine for my thyroid.

By the way aside from that she also prepared us to be ready with our change in lifestyle. Softdrinks, sweets and coffee should be taken less often and if possible none. Drink lots of water because we were too dry. Of course we were asked to be ready to quit smoking.

Lastly, she also asked our commitment level. We both said that we are ready.

Whew, it was a hard start for us because it was complete change in lifestyle.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Seeking A Second Opinion Through Homeopathy

Hubby and I decided to seek a second opinion regarding our condition. A friend referred her doctor who is into homeopathy.

"Homeopathy is the system of medicine which works on the principle of 'like cures like' (Similia Similibus curanter). The theory behind the working of homeopathy is that the body of every human being contains a vital force within the body which regulates the functioning of the body. Due to reasons such as heredity, environmental conditions, stress etc, this vital force weaken causing disease. So, disease is nothing but a complex of certain symptoms observed in the human body. The homeopathic physician make a study of not only the symptoms the patient is complaining of, but of the entire patient himself. This leads to a picture of the patient." (Source:

This doctor is also an ob/gyn but she's praticing homeopathy. What made it really interesting for me was her principle of trying to find out what was causing the immunological problems rather than just trying to cure. She explained that everything is all natural, no synthetic medicines but it would take a longer period of time compared to conventional medicine. She explained that there is an imbalance in our system thus causing the immunological problem. The whole objective is to make hubby and me healthy and find out what's causing the imbalances to ensure that we will be able to conceive, carry the baby full term and give birth to a healthy baby.

After a 2 hour consultation with her, hubby and I went home and tried to discuss which route to go. Whether we should go conventional or homeopathy. I immediately recommended that we go homeopathy. Hubby was a bit hesitant because it was not convetional medicine. I said that there will be no harm in doing it because at the end of the day the main objective is to make us healthy.

The main factor that we discussed was our level of commitment. It will not just be me who will be treated but both of us. Another factor was that it would be a longer process because the treatment is based on our level of health. If we will not be able to commit to homeopathy then it will defeat the whole purpose of the treatment.

After a very thorough discussion, we both agreed that we will go the more natural way which is homeopathy.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reproductive Immunology Test Results

Unfortunately for us, we tested positive for Category 1, 3 and 5. What rotten luck for us....

Again the, immunologist tried to explain the treatment to us but it was so complicated. He recommended lymphocyte immunotheraphy (LIT), heparin, aspirin, prednisone, and IVIG as treatment for the 3 categories that we tested positive.

I didn't understand everything and it was quite difficult to ask him to explain in lay mans term what the treatment involved. So I resorted to researching again on my own.

I tried looking for similar cases in the Philippines but I really didn't know anyone. If indeed there were some, most of them were on positive for Category 1.

This was so frustrating for me, it seems that our problems were neverending in our desire to have a child. Why us? There are a lot of people in my country who couldn't even take care of their children but here we are exhausting all means just to have a child.

In my quest to understand the treatment, I found out that some of the recommended treatments were not even allowed on certain countries. Some had side effects and some treatments were not even successful. What bothered me the most was the thought of having all these medicines pumped into my body, my immune system will be tampered with and yet the success rate was at only 25% without even considering the side effects.

I was in so much pain, I was so confused whether to undergo all these treatments despite my concerns and hesitations. What if the treatment will just mess up with my body? What if complications will occur and it will just prevent us from having a baby.

We went back to the Ob/Gyn after consulting the immunologist and he was recommending that we undergo the treatment and then go through iui or ivf.

On top of this, we also found out that my husbands sperm had low motility levels.

Talk about obstacles in conceiving a baby. How lucky can we get? I am just thankful that my husband is very supportive.

Hubby and I decided to weigh our options before deciding what to do next.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Connection of Thyroid in Reproductive Immunologic Problems

After numerous search and gathering feedbacks (learning from our previous mistake), we decided to consult a top notch ob/gyn. During our first consultation, I explained to him in detail my medical condition. After learning about my thyroid condition (thyroidectomy), he immediately referred us to an immunologist.

He wanted to eliminate or determine whether I was suffering from immunological problem due to my thyroid problems. It is a major factor in suspecting a patient of having reproductive immunological problems despite the fact that I did not really exhibit/experience the usual indications.

Indications of reproductive immunologic problems (as explained by my doctor): repeated miscarriage (3-4 times), IUI and IVF failures, unexplained infertility, and unable to conceive again despite having a child already.

I've only had one miscarriage, have not tried IUI or IVF, no child and I think I'm only positive with the unexplained fertility.

So my husband and I consulted an immunologist and he explained to us what Reproductive Immunology is all about. It was a very complicated matter and I really did not understand what it was all about.

So, what I did was to research in the internet and spent time in really understanding it. Here's a summary of all the collected data I gathered from the internet . It consists of 5 Categories (1) Absence of Pre Formed Blocking Antibody (2) Anti Phospholipid Antibody (3) ANA (4) Anti Sperm and (5) NK Cells greater than 12%.

Caregory 1 - Lack of Blocking Antibody to Pregnancy


"In normal pregnancy the male part of the embryo will cause the woman to develop antibodies that form a protective ‘ring’ (a blocking antibody) around the embryo. In couples that are a close genetic match there is a lack of the blocking antibody to pregnancy, the embryo or fetus is rejected and the pregnancy fails". (Source: treatments, what are they?/Reproductive Immunology at CARE Patient Guide)

Category 2 - Antiphospholipid Antibodies (APA's)


"Repeated miscarriages, IVF failures, endometriosis and anything that causes tissue injury can lead to the formation of antibodies to phospholipids. These are called antiphospholipid antibodies. Phospholipids are important molecules in the membranes of all cells, and antibodies to these important molecules can derange cell function, cause inflammation and can even cause blood to clot too quickly". (Source:

Category 3 - Positive Anti-nuclear Antibody (ANA)


"Category 3 immune problems occur in 22% of women with recurrent pregnancy losses and nearly 50% of women with infertility and IVF failures. Women with this problem make antibodies to DNA, or DNA breakdown products in the embryo or in the pregnancy. The woman's blood clots too fast cutting off support to the baby. These antibodies also cause the embryo to attach too weakly to the uterus". (Source:

Category 4 - Anti-sperm antibodies


"The antibody to sperm is often associated with antiphospholipid antibodies to the phospholipids serine and ethanolamine. Antibodies to sperm should be suspected

* if women have antibodies to serine and or ethanolamine,
* in women with poor post coital tests (sperm are dead or not moving in the cervical
mucus), and

* in women whose spouses have antisperm antibodies."


Category 5 - Elevated Natural Killer Cells


"Natural Killer Cells are good because they stop the body from developing cancer. Twelve per cent of women with recurrent pregnancy losses (3 or more) and 35% of women with 3 or more IVF failures have elevated NK cells.
NK cells are one of the most primitive lymphocytes in man. They have several useful functions. One of these is to produce a cytotoxic chemical called tumor necrosis factor (TNF). TNF is very effective in eliminating altered cells in our body e.g. cancer cells. Some women have higher than normal levels. The embryo can be misinterpreted as cancer cells and in pregnancy, NK cells increase in number and killing power, causing embryos to become damaged by the TNF." (Source:

Whew, it was really tough trying to understand everything. After reading so many articles about it, I really prayed and hoped we will not test positive to any of the categories.

So my husband and I went for our blood tests. They took I think about 12 vials of my blood because there were 12 tests that needs to be done. They only took 5 vials from my husband (lucky him :)). I had to stay like 15-20 minutes in the lab because they were having a hard time getting my blood because I had thin veins. They even used the needle for babies just to be able to get the required blood sample from me. It was an exhausting time for me.

On top of that it was really expensive, we spent more than P40,000 pesos for the tests.

Next would be the results and treatment required.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Qualifications For The Right OB/Gyn (Obstetrics and Gynecologist)

Ahead of us was a hard task of looking for the right or perfect OB/Gyn. What were our qualifications?

1. Somebody who we can be at ease with
2. Willing to answer our questions patiently
3. Explains carefully what procedures/medicines she was recommending or administering
4. Cares for the our overall health
5. Someone who is passionate about her career

Why did we have so many qualifications? We learned the hard way. During my first pregnancy, since it was unplanned we just consulted our friends to recommend their OB/Gyn. We went to this doctor who was highly recommended by one of our friends. We didn't bother to ask questions since we felt that she was good because our friend just gave birth and she gave nothing but high praises with this doctor.

At first she seemed nice and friendly. On our second visit, all she did was conduct a transvaginal ultrasound and that was it. We were somewhat questioning ourselves how come all she does is the ultrasound and not much on discussions and consultations. My husband and I decided that if she will just do the ultrasound and nothing much, we will transfer to another OB/Gyn.

Unfortunately, on the third visit that's the time we found out that baby Blue didn't have a heartbeat anymore. So I had my dilation and curettage (D&C).

Our horror story did not end there, a few hours after the D&C the OB/Gyn called us and she requested if we could already pay her professional fee because there will be no office the following day because it was a Sunday. My husband really flared up and got so mad because the OB/Gyn did not even visit me after the D&C, there were no instructions on what we should do next and here she was billing us already. There were no discharge papers yet so we didn't even know if we were suppose to leave the hospital. It also sounded like she wasn't even planning to visit me and she will just leave everything with her residents until I got discharged from the hospital. We felt that she was really unprofessional, she was just after the money.

Our Second Ob/Gyn (We went to a different Ob/Gyn for the follow-up check after the miscarriage) was highly recommended. In fact she was a fertility specialist and is known to be one of the best Ob/Gyn. Initially, we were so glad because she was easy to talk to and was very accommodating.

Our major complaint this time was that she was administering a lot of medicines but didn't really explain carefully what was the rationale behind it. Every time I visited her she would just inject me and prescribed medicines and asked to come back at day 14 of my cycle and day 1 of my menstruation. This went on for 7 months until my husband and I decided to try conceiving on our own.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thyroid Issues Affecting Fertility

Hyperthyroidism symptoms: palpitations, heat intolerance, weight loss, trembling hands and light menstruation. I experienced all that and was further confirmed by my blood test.

I decided to focus on curing my thyroid first because it does affect the chances of conceiving.

So I consulted my endocrinologist, she prescribed medicines to at least normalize my TSH before scheduling my operation. I had to have surgery because it was cystic and it continued to grow.

In September 2005, I was operated and I had high hopes that now we will be able to conceive because we have eliminated the thyroid problem.

After the operation, i had my regular blood test to check on my thyroid hormone levels and I found out that this time I developed hypothyroidism as an effect of removing my thyroid. By the way I already had one part remove 15 years ago so there was really nothing left with my thyroid.

The doctor recommended for me to take medicines for life to ensure that I will be able to maintain my thyroid hormones at the right level. After 6 months, everything was back to normal.

After receiving the good news, my husband and I decided to consult a new OB to begin our fertility work-up for the second time.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Quest to Conceive Again After a Miscarriage

After our wedding, my husband and I decided to have a fertility work-up to be able to conceive immediately after the miscarriage.

We consulted a fertility OB and she prescribed duphaston, provera, pregnyl to help me conceive. My husband and I tried to time our intercourse during my fertile days. I had follicle monitoring every month as well as during my periods.

What was surprising was she never requested for a sperm analysis for my husband. She just kept on prescribing medicines and this went on for 7 months.

After that nothing happened, I felt that my husband and I should try conceiving on our own without medicines since I easily got pregnant before. After a year of trying on our own to no avail, I found out that I had hyperthyroidism. Its was the cystic type and doctors recommended to have it surgically removed.

The Pain of Having a Miscarriage

July 2003

I found out I was pregnant and I was really excited. Although it came unexpectedly, meaning it was unplanned, the joy that I felt was indescribable.

I enjoyed feeling pregnant, I was always getting hungry. I craved for a specific fruit, pomelo. It had to be really red otherwise I didn't eat it. I hated to share it and I loved dipping it in red cane vinegar.

We even had a nickname for our baby, we were going to call her "BLUE".

I had several transvaginal ultrasound and everything was normal, the baby had a heart beat.

My boyfriend and I decided to get married earlier than planned and was busy preparing for our wedding and the baby.

I was on top of the world!!

September 2003

On the 12th week of pregnancy, I went to the OB for my regular check-up. There was no heart beat....The baby stopped growing at 9 1/2 weeks.

My world collapsed and I was so stunned with the news that I couldn't really react.

The OB said that sometimes these things happen and that at times its even better this way because the baby was not healthy.

I was immediately scheduled for a D&C and in 3 days I was out of the hospital. The OB termed it as missed abortion.

I was crying the whole time I was in the hospital. I had questions like, Why baby blue? Did I do something wrong? Was it because I really didn't take care of myself? Was it because initially my Mom was ashamed because I got pregnant without the benefit or marriage? Was I a bad person?

I just couldn't move on. Good thing that I was also preparing for our wedding that's why I was kept busy and didn't really had the time to dwell on my sadness. Although, from time to time I would suddenly cry and just remember baby blue.