Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here Goes......

Where do I start?

I came to a point wherein I didn't really want to face this particular journey of mine. I was at a stage wherein I was just cruising. Not really thinking of what's happening, where to go, what will happen etc. I just didn't want to deal with it at all.

I kept myself busy with mundane stuff. As in literally I was just contented in reading books, going out, shopping, watching tv and got so involved in a lot of things. Because I knew that we were at that point that we already need to make major decisions.

After a very serious discussion with my husband plus all the other pressure surrounding us (my husband being an only child), we finally made a decision to try iui or ivf. Even though we have decided this, it still took me sometime to discuss this with my homeopathic doctor. Why? Because all of my fears and apprehensions re-surfaced. Do I need to do all the treatments to address my immunological problem? I need to go through all the work-ups again, medicines and injections left and right. Most importantly, I really wanted to conceive the natural way. I wanted it to be with my homeopathic doctor because I was so at ease with her.

Unfortunately, during the course of our treatment my husband got so tired of it plus the consideration of our family I had to give in. I can not insist on what I want because marriage is a partnership plus the fact that time is really running out on us. I'll be turning 35 in 2 months and we all know that this further make it complicated and harder for us.

I talked to m homeopathic doctor and she doesn't really see any problem with this. She said that after all the preparations we have done, she thinks that I will be ready for iui or ivf. She said I don't need to worry because she will still be there and will continue to see me throughout this process. She also requested me to undergo CST (craniosacral theraphy) to prepare my body. After talking to her with the assurance that she will still be there to guide me,I felt better.

So what was left to do was to again shop for an OB or reproductive endocrinologist. I researched and asked around for a really good doctor. Alas, it took me again another month before finally deciding to start consulting a reproductive endocrinologist. Why, because I had to prepare myself emotionally on this new endeavor. I thought I was over this part of seeking a new doctor but then again circumstances right now does not allow this.

Yesterday was my scheduled appointment with my new doctor. So, we explained everything and what we wanted to happen. Fortunately, I really didn't have much of a hard time. I was at ease with him and he explained everything. Our consultation lasted for an hour and a half. After much discussion, we agreed that we will try iui first and if it does not succeed then we will proceed to ivf.

After that, he did my ultrasound to check if everything is ok and ready. He also did a sort of trial iui/ivf to see how will i respond. He also checked if there is a need for me to undergo HSG and to check my egg count as well as if there are follicles. Everything went smoothly, everything was clear. There was a dominant follicle on my left ovary and he said we can immediately proceed to IUI. Given the current conditions he does not see the need to do any preparations in order for us to to the IUI.

So,ill be seeing him again tomorrow because he want to check if that dominant follicle will continue to increase and from there we will also decide when to do the IUI.

At this point, I am just hoping and praying that it will be successful.

For all those who will be able to read this, I am hoping that you can say a little prayer for me and that we will be successful.

Sorry for the super long post.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back from a Long Hiatus!!

Sorry to all those who bothered to dropped by and didn't get any response from me. I just didn't want to write since January. I didn't even bother to visit my blogs. It was like I was a completely different person for the past 6 months. I just hibernated !!!

Anyway, just a quick update, still "not" pregnant and is going through some tough decisions right now regarding where to go from here in order for us to conceive. Today might not be the right time to write about what's going on since I just got into the groove of writing again.

I'll be updating this again and will relate what we have been going through for the past few months in order to conceive.

Thanks again for all those who bothered to drop by and read my blog.