Friday, January 25, 2008

Attempted Healing w/ Father Fernando

As mentioned in my previous post, I was planning to attend the healing mass of Father Fernando Suarez at the National Shrine Miraculous Medal at Sucat Paranaque. Left my house at 7 am and we were there before 8. Imagine our surprise when we got there because the line was super long. As mentioned in the news, it was approximately 2 kilometers long. Since we were not prepared to line up that long, meaning we didn't have water, chairs, umbrella, etc. we decided to leave and just try to look for another schedule.

In trying to find our his next schedules, I browsed his website again. Imagine my dismay when I checked again when he visited my hometown's parish last July 2007, my Mom was even one of the coordinators. I was so mad at myself after seeing that, I should have listened to my Mom when she invited us for the healing mass. The only reason why I didn't go was because it was way too early at 9 am, had to leave the house at 7:30 am. I am not a morning person and at that time I really didn't know what who he was and what he is capable of doing. I am just to stupid and mad at myself. Well, they always say "nasa huli ang pagsisi"!!!!

Unfortunately, the next best schedule and location is on Feb 1 but the thing is I'll be out of town during that time with relatives visiting from China. The second one is on Feb 6, this is also the Chinese New Year's eve so again I can't go because we have a scheduled family dinner.

Oh well, I just pray that another opportunity will come my way again.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Came from my doctor yesterday for my regular check-up. Nothing unusual about how we started our consult. But I did tell her that I had a weird menstruation, weird basal body temperature and weird cravings after my period.

First weird part was that I still had sore breasts on the first day of my period. Then upon checking my temp it was also unusually hight. My temp was on the same range during my ovulation period.

Then my period was just overnight. I had my spotting, followed by a heavy flow after lunch on day 1 and after lunch on day 2 it was back to spotting again.

The craziest thing was that I still had lower back pain (I usually experience this before I get my period) plus obsessive craving on pizza. I had pizza for like 3 days in that week.

I continued to have lower back pain well onto my ovulation period (I also experience this during my ovulation period). So my doc was saying i might be pregnant or had a miscarriage or had an ectopic pregnancy, I said I doubt it. I think I'd know if I was pregnant.

So appease both of us she requested for an ultrasound and true enough I was not pregnant. I'll be seeing her again on Friday to discuss the results of the ultrasound.

Hmm, what was that all about? It was just so weird.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Healing by a Priest

I heard about this healing priest, Father Fernando Suarez through the news and another girl talker friend mentioned him to me. Then I remember my Mom telling me several months back to attend the healing mass of a certain priest and true enough its the same priest. So for the past week or so, I kept on encountering his name and what he can do.

After hearing from my GT friend about his schedule, I researched about him and got hold of his schedule. So I asked my new friend (met her through this blog) if she want to go and try to have a healing with Father Fernando. She said yes so we're going next week.

Then last night while having coffee with hubby's friends, they also mentioned him and is in fact a family friend of this couple. Hmm, since like the universe is telling me to go see this priest.

Why, maybe because he can help us have a baby. I heard that he has healed a lot of infertile couples and are now proud parents.

He heals all sorts of sickness and since I feel that there is nothing wrong in trying out all possible means, might as well give it a try :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Traumatized Cervix

Just came from my doctor today and our main topic during my consultation was my cervix. She said that there is something that is going on that's why I noticed all these changes.

Just a background, my menstruation never really went back to the way it used to after my D&C. Now its very light and very short. During my last menses, it was just 2 days then on my 3rd day my discharge was brownish and thick. According to her, these are similar discharges after one has had a miscarriage. Apparently, after the physiological release, its not time for the actual physical release.

I was telling my doctor that my cervix was really traumatized during my D&C because she didn't really want to dilate. My OB at that time placed several medicines just to soften my cervix to make it easy for her to do the D&C. It really took time before it softened. This actually just occurred to me while we were discussing what is causing my brownish discharge. My OB said that this might also be an indication that there might be some inflammation going on and this should be addressed because this will also contribute to my having difficulty in conceiving.

Another observation she had was that I was starting to be in touch with my body. The mere fact that I started referring to my cervix and that I was expressing her feelings meant that I almost over in my healing process.

All in all she was very happy with my developments. She just reminded me to be very observant on my body and to take note of any changes, movements, etc.

After the medicine she gave me, my cervix will hopefully be fully recovered from the trauma.