Thursday, September 3, 2009


So sorry for the long silence. Its been 5 months and yet its only now that I am slowly getting the hang of being a Mom despite all the help I am getting. It is truly a remarkable experience and I am just enjoying every minute of it.

Ok, here are some of the answers some people have been asking. The name of Pedia is Dr. Silvestre affiliated at St Lukes and Manila Doctors who is a breastfeeding advocate. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone who will take care of your baby and help you regarding your breastfeeding concerns. Just be ready with the long line during her clinic days.

Regarding my OB, sorry I don't just give out the details per her request mainly because she also screens the patients she wants to handle. Why???

1. Homeopathy is not for everybody.... For all those asking who she is, I highly suggest you read my entire blog and research on homeopathy thoroughly. Its not just giving you medicines to treat infertility but it is also a change in lifestyle, open mindedness, full commitment and patience.

2. She also assesses the person or the patient if there is a fit between the two of them. It is important for her that there is a rapport and the patient should be very open to her because homeopathy does not only deal with the physical well being but your psychological and emotional well being as well.

3. There are instances wherein she will openly tell you that she can not handle your case not because she is choosy, but she relies on her gut as well whether the couple is a fit to the principles she believes in.

If you think you are still very interested, pleas email me at and will give you her contact details.

I do hope you understand.

My prayers are with all the couples trying to conceive.

Just to share, this is the latest picture of my baby....