Friday, November 16, 2007

New Blood Tests for ME

Tomorrow would be day 3 of my cycle and my doctor recommend that I undergo blood tests for the following progesterone, FSH and Estradiol.

Progesterone -
progesterone levels vary predictably throughout the menstrual cycle, multiple (serial) measurements can be used to help recognize and manage some causes of infertility. Progesterone can be measured to determine whether or not a woman has ovulated, to determine when ovulation occurred, and to monitor the success of induced ovulation.

In early pregnancy, progesterone measurements may be used, along with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) testing, to help diagnose an ectopic or failing pregnancy (progesterone levels will be lower than expected), although this will not differentiate between the two conditions. Progesterone levels also may be measured throughout a high-risk pregnancy to help evaluate placenta and fetal health.

Progesterone levels may be monitored in women who have trouble maintaining a pregnancy, as low levels of the hormone can lead to miscarriage. If a woman is receiving progesterone injections to help support her early pregnancy, her progesterone levels may be monitored on a regular basis to help determine the effectiveness of that treatment.

In women who are not pregnant, progesterone levels may be used, along with other tests, to help determine the cause of abnormal uterine bleeding.

often used in conjunction with other tests (LH, testosterone, estradiol, and progesterone) in the workup of infertility in both men and women. FSH levels are used to help determine the reason a man has a low sperm count. FSH levels are also useful in the investigation of menstrual irregularities and to aid in the diagnosis of pituitary disorders or diseases involving the ovaries or testes. In children, FSH and LH are used to diagnose delayed or precocious (early) puberty.

Estradiol -
To measure or monitor your estrogen levels if you are a woman who has unexplained abnormal menstrual cycles, abnormal or heavy bleeding, infertility, symptoms of menopause, or any other hormonal alterations; also used to test for fetal-placental status during early stages of pregnancy; the presence of female-like characteristics in males may require estrogen measurement as well.

Hopefully everything comes out okay...


KikayC said...

hey good luck! blowing some baby dust on you.

Rhoda said...

hi thanks a lot :) mag dilang anghel ka sana...