Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pilates Strongly Recommended For Women Who Is Trying To Conceive

I've been going to gym to keep me healthy and to keep my metabolism going. As a result of my complete thyroidectomy, my metabolism completely slowed down. I started getting a personal trainer to keep in shape.

Basically, I was doing cardio and weight lifting. After discussions with my homeopath, she recommended that I stop my weight lifting.

  1. I had a slightly retroverted uterus and weight lifting further aggravates it.
  2. I also had a slight scoliosis and weight lifting is not helping.

She strongly recommended that I switch to pilates because it will help prepare in pregnancy as well as giving birth. Pilates allows you to more or less control your body/breathing, strengthens your abdomen, and promotes better posture. These are all critical during pregnancy since we all know that we will be gaining a lot of weight and especially during the birth process.

So I hired a different personal trainer in gym to conduct my one on one pillates training. It does actually correct posture and I feel that my stomach is smaller :) Again, this should help me get rid of my visceral fat as mentioned in my previous post.

She also recommended for me to take a fat burner, specifically with the following ingredients/contents:

  1. hydroxycitrate
  2. choline complex
  3. methionine (as l-methionine)
  4. inositol

This again is to help me loose my visceral fat. My doctor wants to make sure that I am completely healthy when I get pregnant so that no complications will arise.


just another wife said...

Good thing you have time to go to the gym pa. Sana I could squeeze in some time. I need to work out for my back too.

Anonymous said...

i do winsor pilates. have you tried that?

Rhoda said...

hi, nope i haven't tried that. there's this particular machine in the gym made for pilates and that's what i use together with a personal trainer.