Thursday, March 26, 2009

@36 Weeks

Any minute now I can give birth, yup it will be a bit earlier than expected because my baby is so excited to come out and she doesn't have enough room in my tummy anymore. Last Saturday, I was ordered to have bed rest because I had contractions the day before and my baby is already in position, meaning her head is down there in my pelvis and can already be felt by my OB when she did an internal exam on me.

My OB was a bit worried because at 35 weeks, she's still early and we all know the implications if she will come out early. So my doctors visited me at home, my other doctor tried to fastrack her maturity while she is still in my tummy so in the event that she comes out early she will not need an incubator or drugs/antibiotics/steroids. During the time they were with me, I was having contractions every 5 minutes and these were strong and slightly painful contractions. My baby descended further down into my pelvis. The doctors were saying that I might give birth that night or the following day. Although, Cal's movements were very slow, meaning she was taking her time descending. After 2 hours, my doctors said she is fine, her cells are complete, she is estimated to be at 38 weeks already and she is so excited to come out.

So here I am about to enter my 36th week tomorrow and she is still in my tummy. I had my biophysical exam yesterday and everything was normal. The score was 8 out of 8. Her estimated weight is 6.8 lbs (+/_ 1.1lbs). Lo and behold her measurements are already at 38 weeks. So true enough, as what my other doctor said she is mature enough to be able to come out anytime.

Another thing that we have to prepare right now is our pedia. We already had our initial consult with her and we discussed our concerns about vaccines. Yes we are opting not to have any vaccines administered to her because we feel that it will be better for her in the long run. Call us radical, some may even call us stupid but we believe that since she will be purely breastfed she will get all her needed antibodies from that. So choosing the right pedia was also critical because she must be willing to allow us to what we want. Good thing my OB recommended a very nice pedia who is an advocate on breastfeeding plus the fact that she is willing to allow us not to administer the vaccines as long as we sign a waiver.

So there you go, we are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of our baby girl Callista Kaori or Cal. Just this morning when I woke up, felt her moving around in my tummy I suddenly burst into tears. I was just overwhelme with joy and no words could express how thankful I was to God for blessing us with our daughter. I just couldn't help but recall nine months ago wherin I was on the verge of getting furstrated and giving up but I am just so glad that I held on. Now in a matter of days we will finally see our very beautiful daughter. Thank you God, I just feel so happy and blessed right now (I am even crying as write this).

To all those trying to conceive, never loose hope because your time will really come. Just trust in Him and be confident about youselves because in due time you will also be where I am today. I will continue praying for all of you.

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cheryl said...

Can I ask for your pedia? We're really looking for a pro-BF pedia.